Friday, December 25, 2009
Note:  I'll be posting diary entries from my banjo tour over the next couple weeks, as soon as my lawyers clear each set. 

Part 9

If you say the word 'tour' enough times in your head, it makes no sense!

11/01/2009 Eugene, Oregon Jaqua Concert Hall

Eugene is the home of my 15th favorite tofu slurry! I ad-libbed a great line tonight. I said: "It's great to be here in Eugene!" Astonishing show.

11/02/2009 Spokane, Washington Martin Woldson Theatre at the Fox

Sometimes, we wait a bit before we come out for an encore. This heightens the audience's excitement AND I can Google myself without feeling rushed. Tonight, the adoration oozed lusciously toward me like an industrial vat of ultra-thick cottage cheese that had cracked open.

Coming up Monday: Finally, for the love of Christ, the conclusion of Steve's Tour Diary!