Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Note:  I'll be posting diary entries from my banjo tour over the next couple weeks, as soon as my lawyers clear each set. 

Part 5

Where am I?

10/15/2009 Toronto, Ontario Roy Thomson Hall

There are so many Os in the name of this place! Look at them all, so round and ring-shaped! I count 8! Not counting the two in 8! And by the way, this Canadian beer is great. Our best show yet: I used all five strings of the banjo.

10/20/2009 Troy, New York Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Troy, New York was named after the famous ancient city of Troy. That's where Greek soldiers hid inside a giant wooden horse, then crept out at night and captured the city. When I think about those soldiers hiding in that huge statue, I shake my head in amazement. Talk about trying too hard.

Or was it named after Troy, the waiter at Chili's?

Show was without peer.

Friday, in Steve's Tour Diary, PART 6: Steve inspects the flowers in his dressing room. Will they be GORGEOUS, or KINDA "ENNH"?