Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Note:  I'll be posting diary entries from my banjo tour over the next couple weeks, as soon as my lawyers clear each set. 

Part 2

Going strong!

10/06/2009 New York, New York Carnegie Hall

Yo-Yo Ma gave me the side-eye as I passed him in the hallway, so I stepped on his foot. Fantastic show!

10/07/2009 Boston, Massachusetts Wang Center

Know what turns out to be a bad idea? Napping against an amp.

Tonight, I ad-libbed a great line. I said, "It's great to be here in Boston!"

Oh, and guess what? This auditorium, The Wang Center, was named after me!

The audience loved the real me, not the stage me!

Friday: Will Steve travel to A FEW MORE CITIES... and PLAY MUSIC?
Find out in Steve's Tour Diary... PART 3 !