Monday, December 28, 2009
Part 10

Staring into the void!

11/03/2009 Seattle, Washington Benaroya Hall

Show was magical. The tour is coming to an end, and I’m feeling sentimental. I feel better knowing I can play whenever I want at home. Note to self: Find out if Ticketmaster handles dinner parties!

11/09/2009 London (Europe -- ?!!?) Royal Festival Hall

Our last show of the tour. I wanted to make sure the English would fall in love with bluegrass, but the promoters said "absolutely no nudity." All in all, though? Our best show yet.


Well, the tour is now done, and as I pore over the all the hotel bathrobes I stole, I'm feeling a bit misty-eyed. It's been a while since I cleaned my contacts with that enzyme solution, and I'm guessing it's time to do that once again.

Anyway, I'll never forget the great crew members I met along the way, like Fat Guy with Reddish Beard in a Black T-Shirt, and Pale-ish Woman with Headset and Clipboard. You were amazing. Take care, and remember, whenever you come to New York, that I cannot get you tickets to Saturday Night Live.