Tuesday, October 06, 2009
U.S. Consumer Spending Surges, Hopefully on Steve's Merch

HOLLYWOOD - Steve Martin's new website debuts today.

At a press conference held in his bedroom mirror, Steve Martin firmly grasped his hairbrush and announced, "At an expense of over twelve dollars, my brand-new website has finally gone live.

"I'm delighted that you, the regular people, can once again stay up-to-date on news about me.  Like my current banjo tour.  You'll be able to find out about other projects in the works, too.  I'll also be blogging (describing meals in excruciatingly dull detail) from time to time, perhaps as often as once a year.

"Most importantly, you'll be able to browse and, for cryin' out loud, BUY my books, CDs, movies, and old unwanted coffee mugs, which I insist are NOT that badly chipped.

"Thanks for visiting, and you're welcome!"